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Muz yaprakları
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We want to leave traces to life as some moments have left us… What we think and do is our traces, reflects us actually…

The most powerful thing that leaves a trace in our memories from the moments we live in is usually the smell of that moment… Whenever we encounter a similar smell, it reminds us of a loved one, a place where we are happy or a beautiful memory ...

This is how the story of Echoes, which we want to have traces of our moments that make us feel happy and peaceful, started. With "Echoes", we wanted to bring the reflection of beautiful moments into the atmosphere we are in, by taking advantage of the traces of scents.

As EchoesLab, who loves nature but does not give up on elegance, we have developed a special formula. While combining natural soy and beeswax, wood or paper-fiber cotton wicks options with unique fragrances that are specially developed for us, we did not use chemicals such as paraffin and phthalate.

That's how we precisely reflected ourselves...

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