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All Our Frangances are Certified with IFRA49!

The most important point when choosing a scented candle is of course the raw materials used. While soy candles have increased their prevalence in the last few years, they offer many advantages in terms of health and naturalness compared to a petrochemical product such as paraffin. However, while choosing a scented natural candle, it is not enough to pay attention only to the base waxes, it is of great importance that we make sure that the essences used comply with the quality standards.

It should not be forgotten that no matter how natural a candle or fragrance oil is claimed, certification of it by international organizations will complement the trust in that product.

In order to determine the quality standards of the essences used, IFRA (International Fragrance Association) is an organization that has been operating in Geneva since 1973 to represent the common interests of the perfume industry. IFRA Standards; It is based on the safety assessments of the use restrictions set by the expert panel (RIFM) of the Fragrance Raw Materials Research Institute conducted by the IFRA Scientific Board.

As a result of the latest studies, we can proudly state that all products of EchoesLab are produced in accordance with IFRA49 standards. All of our scented candles are certified under "IFRA 49th Amendment" standards, the most comprehensive version IFRA has ever made.

For your own health, do not forget to inquire about the certificates of conformity to IFRA standards of the essences used when choosing scented candles or other scented products.

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