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Specially Made for New Year!

In December, the harbinger of the new year, we are surrounded by new hopes and dreams for the new year. According to the belief, the new year will continue just as the new year is entered. For this reason, the time we spend with our family and loved ones in our homes increases, and laughter from delicious tables is never absent as well as the smell of wonderful fresh cookies rises from the kitchen.

We have brought together the most special fragrance that reflects this magnificent spirit of the new year time in Echoes "New Year Spirit", a limited edition Christmas special series candle.

With this rich and special fragrance, with dominant scents such as cinnamon, ginger and clove along with fruity notes to the top notes and base notes such as chocolate, caramel and vanilla, we have created just the spirit you will need for New Year's eve.

In order not to miss this limited edition product, you can order it right now on our website!


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