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We are Rebranded!

We have been completely renewed with more beautiful colors, different size options, a more sustainable approach and many new scents!

As we recently finalized our rebranding project that had started 9 months ago, we completed the production of all our new products with many changes and innovations.

So what has changed in Echoes?

- We have adapted innovative designs and natural colors that will make a better match for al living spaces.

- With our new developed formula, we have provided stronger fragrance performance without giving up our 100% natural principle.

- In our renewed fragrance collection, we have launched 9 new fragrances, from Green Tea & Basil to a blend of Green Tomato & Vetiver, from Blueberry Muffin to Limoncello, from Coconut & Mango to our most special scents, Chalet.

- In order to get the optimum fragrance performance according to the size of the living space, we produced our new products in 3 different sizes; single wick small size, double wick medium size and triple wick large size.

- Perhaps we made the most significant innovation in our rebranding regarding sustainability. Please do not throw away the boxes, lids and vessels when you buy our new collection candles. When your candles are finished, send them back to us and we will refill them to 50% of the product price.

You can check our website for all of our new products and scents.


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