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Limoncello Tin Candle

Limoncello Tin Candle

SKU: 3108828

Koku Kodu: GO01Baskın Notalar: Lemon Peel, Sugarcane, Lemongrass

  • Specifications

    Size: Height: 6,5 cm, Diameter: 7,5 cm

    Volume : 180 g e

    Burn Time: Average 35 hours

    Effective Range: Up to 20 m2

  • For Ideal Use

    Although our wicks are self trimming, trimming the wick before each burn will lengthen the life of the candle and maximize your scent experience. When your candle is lit, please wait until the pool wax reaches all sides of the glass. Don’t burn more than 3-4 hours as it may overheat the wax and change the scent performance.

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